Tourism is a very well-developing branch of the Polish economy. Our country provides a variety of surrounding nature, from numerous mountain ranges, through regions full of lakes to the Baltic coast.  For a tourist, apart from the location  a major factor is place to stay. Currently, the so-called holiday “under the pear tree” is back in fashion in Poland. Tourists often look for a quiet refuge in the Polish countryside, where they can feel close to nature, instead of a large, luxurious hotel.

Agritourism is becoming more and more popular, but it should be remembered that nowadays, agritourism is not only an ordinary trip to the countryside, which is usually used by city residents. It is much more than just being out in nature. The modern tourist wants not only to lie on a deckchair, but also to spend time actively.

In response to a growing demand, a lot of accommodation has been created in Poland in the spirit of modern agritourism. They are characterized by simplicity, but of the highest quality.  Today, the term “slow” is making a splash, and tourists are looking for authentic places where they can really rest from the hustle and bustle of the city.  The owners compete in ideas to attract tourists to themselves, because agritourism does not have to be located in a tourist attractive place in the classic sense of the word. Many owners of agritourism in Poland have chosen a good idea, which allowed them to create unique places “in the middle of nowhere” and not to complain about the lack of guests.  And so, some attract attention with…: – an interesting architecture, – good local cuisine, – a lavender field, – a vineyard, – a horse farm,- a nearby lake.  Agritourism, which offers not only accommodation, but also an extensive additional program, is very popular.  sports activities, – yoga meetings, – handicraft workshops, – herbal courses, – horse riding holidays, – culinary workshops. There are many possibilities. Usually, these types of facilities organize thematic events. Thanks to this, they can direct their offer to specific groups of customers.

Just a few years ago, a trip to agritourism was considered as a family stay, while recently many properties are focused at adults only.


Another trend that is gaining popularity in Poland, is camping. So far it has been associated with somewhat rough stays at campsites. However, modern tents also have a different face – glamping is a word that was created from the combination of the terms “glamour” and “camping”: and means luxurious accommodation in comfortably furnished tents.

Often, apart from the accommodation itself, glamping offers:

  • tents hiding an ecological SPA,
  • a large space,
  • a solid floor that protects against moisture,
  • a comfortable elegant furniture,
  • a bathroom with shower under the stars.

A trend of slow travel

  • an idyllic atmosphere,
  • contact with nature,
  • slow travel,
  • natural local products,
  • care for ecology,
  • zero waste concept

…entered the area of ​​incentive trips.

The organizers are looking for new, fresh ideas and inspiration for their clients, and more and more often the offer includes trips in the spirit of slow words.

Poland is an ideal destination for this type of travel.