Our “Adventure in Travel” campaign with a geography lesson at the House of the Single Mother (Association “Joint Forces” (colloquially called the House of the Single Mother)) was successful – we were able to bring a smile to several wonderful children’s faces.

We have also awakened the passion of traveling and exploring the world in DSM charges. One of the youngest participants of the fun even told us that his dream is to become “the guard of the Eiffel Tower”

Thank you to everyone who generously gave the kids “travel gifts”, traditional toys from around the world, travel books and many other gifts. We barely managed to fit all the gifts in the car (we had nearly 100 travel gifts from you)! You are wonderful – thank you!

We were represented on the spot by Kris Michniewicz (in the role of Captain) and Basia Kozicka (in the role of Giraffe).

Thank you to friends from Potworkowo for professional animation that amused and stirred the pupils.

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