The stunning “carpets” of purple crocuses are a showcase of the Chochołowska Valley, where every year, more and more tourists are coming to see this wonderful scenery with their own eyes. Every year, small, tiny, intensely purple flowers cover mountain pastures, clearings and valleys at the turn of March and April, giving the places a fairy-tale look. Some people wait all year for their flowering period, which is in late March and early April.

Crocuses in Zakopane are a sight you must see at least once in your life! These flowers bloom for a short time – two to three weeks a year, so there is little time to admire them. When planning spring incentive trips to Zakopane, a walk in search of blooming crocuses is a must-see on the agenda.

Let’s not forget that crocuses in the Tatras are not only the Chochołowska Valley! We can meet them in meadows and forest clearings up to an altitude of 1600 m above sea level. – In Biała Polana, Hala Pisana, Polana Olczyska, they look especially beautiful in Kalatówki (40 minutes along the blue trail from Kuźnice). In addition to the Tatra Mountains, saffron flowers can be found in Gorce, Pilsek, in the Wielka Racha mountain range and in the Beskid Wyspowy.

It is worth mentioning that not only crocus carpets delight in spring. In April and May it is worth coming to Poland to admire nature coming to life. Intensely yellow canola oil fields or hectares of flowering apple, cherry or plum orchards are a delightful sight. As you can see, not only Japan has its cherry blossom land …

At the turn of May and June, we will be delighted by carpets of meadows and fields full of red poppies, even inviting us to Instagram photos.

Seekers of endless, fairy-tale purple fields do not have to go to Provence. More and more beautiful lavender plantations are being built in our country. This plant is a sought-after ingredient in cosmetics. It is also used in aromatherapy because of its soothing properties.

A visit to the lavender field is a great idea for relaxation and a fairy-tale scenery for photo sessions. Lavender blooms from the second half of June to the end of July, and in some plantations it is kept until August. Oil making workshops, lemonade tasting, photo sessions are organized by many lavender fields. Polish Provence is currently a dozen or so lavender fields that are located throughout the country, some of them are part of agritourism or vineyard. We can find them in virtually every region and some are spectacular.

When planning an incentive trip, it is worth including in the program these amazing spectacles of nature, transferred as if from impressionistic canvases.