About the project


Our long term project named “Our impact on people society and the planet” is part of our corporate culture. We will continuously develop it and encourage all members to conduct their business in a sustainable manner. Our aim is also to enlarge commitment of our business partners and implement people- and environment-friendly solutions.

Our planet can not wait! Many people are in great need of support and understanding. Even small but consistent steps and commitment make a difference, . We invite members to actively participate in this programme and consciously contribute to its successive points.

Together we can do more!

Green Talks interviews

GREEN TALKS is a series of original interviews about sustainable development in tourism.

It is our dialogue with the MICE industry: with clients, agencies and service providers.
We talk to various stakeholder from Poland and abroad about: ecology, CSR, ESG, strategies of cities and regions.

Our interviews motivate, inspire, inform, educate and promote effective solutions.

We believe that good practices and knowledge will reach the MICE sector as widely as possible.

Interviews in Polish &English are conducted by:
Grażyna Grot-Duziak – President of Site Poland (2022-2023), Senior Advisor to BOD Site Poland from 2024
Beata Koziarska – Vice President of Site Poland (2024-2025)

Sustainability Award

Every year, SITE GLOBAL organises the SITE CHAPTER EXCELLENCE AWARDS in various categories,

In 2020, our association Site Poland received an extraordinary Award in the category EXCELLENCE IN SUSTAINABILITY.

This is a great distinction, and at the same time a commitment to continue the initiatives we have undertaken.

Sustainability certification

The SITE Global Certification Program on the topic of Sustainability has been in operation since 2020. At a conference in Vancouver, Canada, SITE Global established the SITE Sustainability Committee to manage the certification program, which manages the certification programme and inspires Site branches around the world to conduct their activities in the spirit of and in accordance with these principles.

SITE Poland joined the sustainability certification program in 2021. Monika Górnik became an ambassador of the project.

To earn the certificate, you must complete qualifying tasks set by SITE Global. A total of 150 points can be earned for all tasks, and the certificate is awarded when at least 100 points are earned. Time to complete the tasks is one calendar year.

SITE Poland participated in thematic webinars to support and expand knowledge in the field of sustainability, which ultimately helped to achieve the qualification tasks. A detailed written compilation of each task was submitted to the Sustainability Committee at the end of the 2021 calendar year.

Certification is valid for 3 years, after which time recertification is required.

CSR at our events

We put our sustainability and CSR commitments into practice at our meetings, events and study trips.

1. When choosing a venue we always make sure that:

    • we aren’t having water in plastic bottles;
    • the food is suitable for vegetarians and vegans;
    • that the venue has a CSR and sustainability policy in place.

2. We avoid paper and plastic name badges , printed menus and we prefer digital communication.

  • We donate 10% of the money we receive from partners to charity
  • We always consider In the programme of study tours a contribution to the local community or another CSR initiative

Lublin, July 2021 – study tour
educational visit to the Lublin Village Museum,
planting a tree – initiating the action of planting trees by visiting companies and organisations

Krakow, June 2021 – study tour
to prepare holiday backpacks for 20 children under the Siemacha Foundation’s care

Project Responsible Travel

The Responsible Travel project is an educational initiative. The main theme is responsible travelling in terms of organising trips and promoting positive behaviour among trip participants.

We address our activities to MICE Agencies, Project Managers, contractors, suppliers and clients.

Our goal: to enable you to broaden your knowledge, arouse curiosity, and show examples of good practice from different markets. We also want to show how important the cooperation of all stakeholders is and what good effects it can bring.

The project is carried out in the form of:

  • virtual workshops
  • stationary meetings
  • handbook / e-book

Our Initiatives

Runa Foundantion

How do we help?

  • individually we transfer 1% of the tax  – KRS no 0000442940 / RUNA,
  • we support purchase of specialized veterinary food  type ( urinary renal, hepatic join support for cats and dogs) and purchase of other necessary products : cat litter, dog leashes, deworming agents, drops against ticks.


In the current ecological and social crisis, it is important to understand the problems that our planet is facing currently.

Through our educational meetings, we point out these problems, we stimulate thinking, we show how to fight them and what solutions to adopt , so that we leave the best possible trace of our actions and existence.

Our workshops and trainings:

  • Less Food Waste – a stationary workshop led by the Accor Chef.
  • ZERO Waste – a virtual meeting on reducing the use of plastic and other harmful materials.
  • Earth Day 7R –Reuse, Refuse,ROT, Reduce, Recycle, Repair, Reuse. Initiative invented   by Young Leaders group , social media educational cycle.
  • CSR in the organisation – a virtual meeting with a specialist in the implementation of CSR strategy in the company.
  • Wellbeing – a virtual meeting with a yoga specialist. Advice on work&life balance, yoga exercises and a holistic approach to work.
  • How to adapt to changing world – a virtual group meeting with a certified coach.
  • The second life of marketing materials – a meeting with the President of the “Less waste” Cooperative.  Inspirations how to use unnecessary advertising banners, flags and other gadgets.

Site Poland Charity Action – Travel Clown

Every year the SITE Poland association as part of the Travel Clown project organizes a meeting for children from a selected Orphanage. In the form of fun Site Poland members try to awaken in children and their caregivers desire to travel and explore the world.

Action Travel Clown 2020

In 2020, as part of the Travel Clown action on December 20, we organized a Christmas online meeting entitled “Santa Claus Around the World” for children from the Orphanage in Jasieniec Iłżecki Dolny. The meeting was led by members of the association Agnieszka and Marcin Lewandowscy. During the meeting the children listened to fascinating stories about Christmas traditions all over the world and learned many interesting facts about different versions of Santa Claus. There was also time for learning through playing, together with children SITE Poland members learned a few words related to winter holidays  in foreign languages.

On the same day, the second meeting “Around the World Santa Claus” took place. It was an open event for everyone on facebook. During this meeting a fundraiser was held, all the money raised was used to buy gifts for the children. We were able to raise funds and purchase EMPIK vouchers and games for the children.  One of Site Poland  members- Andras Nagy donated an Xbox one game console for the children.

A book from Santa 2021

In 2021, as part of the Travel Clown campaign, on December 6 we organized a trip to Warsaw for children from John Paul II Non-public Care and Education Centers in Jasieniec Iłżecki Dolny.

Thanks to many donors we were able to give gifts to the children. We collected books and sweets. The Hilton Hotel prepared dinner for the children, gifts and a tour of the hotel. After lunch we went with children for a walk to the Old Town, where we admired Christmas illuminations. At the end we visited the Wedel chocolate shop.

After the meeting one of the members of SITE Poland Łukasz Kalinowski prepared a souvenir for the children in the form of a photo book.

At the same time we collected books which will be donated to the community library in Magnuszewo village.


If you want to cooperate with us in the area of CSR and sustainable development, write to us:site@sitepoland.com