You can find real underground treasures in Poland. Spectacular mines await visitors, 3 of which are entered on the UNESCO list, labyrinths of multi-storey medieval cellars, mysterious tunnels from the Second World War, underground cities and tunnels at impressive fortified fortresses. In total, we have about 200 underground facilities in Poland, many of which are open to the public.

Some of the Polish underground treasures are prepared for the organization of various types of events. They surprise with their preparation and creativity, offering original, well-equipped rooms, including most of them located underground, catering facilities and a wide range of team building activities.  

Conference, concert, banquet, dinner in the mine, surprise your guests. Visiting the underground, classes in the mine, and the underground museum will undoubtedly be a surprising complement to the incentive trip or conference program.

Below we present a short overview of the most interesting underground facilities in Poland, paying particular attention to those that offer room rental for events.

Wieliczka and Bochnia Royal Salt Mines

  • The oldest Polish enterprise, over 700 years old, is a real underground city carved out of salt rocks, with sparkling sculptures, chapels and corridors. The historic Salt Mine in Wieliczka was entered on the UNESCO list in 1978 as one of the first 12 sites in the world. In 2013, the entry was expanded to include the Historic Salt Mine in Bochnia. The visitors can expect, among others exciting sightseeing routes lasting several hours, an underground train ride or – the only one in the world – underground boat crossing through a chamber flooded with brine. The Wieliczka Mine offers extensive facilities in the form of rooms located in salt chambers, in the Warszawa chamber (III level, length 54 meters, width 17 meters, height 9 meters, 135 meters underground) you can organize an elegant banquet, lecture, concert, and an exclusive ball. There is an Underground Rehabilitation and Treatment Center in the mine.

Guido coal mine in Zabrze

  • Silesia is associated with the industry based on hard coal mining. In recent years, some of the plants that were shut down have been successfully revitalized and converted into historic buildings. On the Industrial Monuments Route of the Silesian Voivodeship, we especially recommend the Guido mine-established in 1855- unique on a European scale. We can go underground to the level of 170, 320 or 355 m. The level of 170 m, also known as the level of Saint Barbara, focuses on the hard work in the mine from the beginning of the 20th century; 320 m level is the twentieth-century mine in all its glory. The route is about 2.5 km long and allows you to experience the reality of mining work. At the end of level 355, the area of ​​the longwall no. 4, used for training and research purposes in the second half of the 20th century. An adventure in the form of a mining shift in full gear awaits visitors here. A route for people prepared for a lot of effort and a solid portion of emotions. It is the deepest tourist route in a coal mine in Europe. In addition to visiting the mine, it also provides an artistic experience. At level 320, a business, culture and entertainment zone, known as the K8 Zone, was created – these are four huge mining chambers, which house a concert hall, a banquet hall and a conference room, as well as the most deeply located pub in the world. Guido does not cease to surprise in the K8 chamber, with fantastic acoustics, top-shelf concerts are organized, e.g. the Silesian Philharmonic.

The Old Mine Science and Art Center in Walbrzych

  • The largest attraction of post-industrial tourism in Poland, located in the former Coal Mine Julia (“Thorez”). In 2014, the revitalization of the largest mine in Walbrzych, which employs several thousand employees at the peak of its activity, was completed. A unique facility was created on the tourist map of Poland. Currently, it is 4.5 hectares of historic post-industrial facilities, enriched with authentic equipment, including a secured mine machinery park and available to visitors. Thanks to the guides-miners working in the Old Mine, who worked years ago at KWK “Julia” and the museum workers, each visitor can not only see the huge scale of the mine’s infrastructure, but also have the opportunity to learn about the specifics of the dangerous and demanding work of a miner. The former mine is perfectly prepared for the organization of scientific events, art exhibitions, conferences, banquets, and team building activities. The facility includes: the Museum of Industry and Technology, Contemporary Art Gallery, Center of Unique Ceramics, guest rooms and a cafe.

Underground Adits in Lower Silesia

  • For visitors to Lower Silesia, we also recommend underground tunnels, belonging to the great complex “Riese”, shrouded in mystery. It is the largest, though never completed, mining and construction project of Nazi Germany located in the Owl Mountains. The system of interconnected tunnels and halls creates an underground city, so huge that it has not been fully discovered until today. We especially recommend the Underground City of Osowka in Gluszyca, which offers several routes: historical – guided tours and modern multimedia solutions. Visitors meet famous figures appearing in the form of holograms on their way, watch documentaries, three-dimensional photos, exhibitions with weapons, historical equipment of soldiers and experience a virtual trip to the surface of the earth via an elevator shaft. For those looking for a more extreme experience, there are expeditionary and extreme routes. It’s also a ground of Interesting teambuilding activities of a military nature.