The Polish gaming industry is one of the most dynamically developing sectors of the new technology market. We are in the top twenty world leaders. Poland is the 7th largest market for PC games.

According to the latest report “The Game Industry of Poland” from 2020, the Polish gaming market is:

  • 440 studios,
  • over 9.7k employees
  • 479 mln EUR in revenues
  • the market value is over 2.3 billion PLN
  • the value of the e-sports market in Poland is 42 million PLN
  • according to the report, almost all companies have Polish owners
  • 43 companies are already listed on the stock exchange, the report shows

The above report was prepared in cooperation with the Ministry of Development, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Indie Games Polska Foundation and the Game Industry Conference

The number of new game titles is growing, and with them the number of players. According to the report we note:

  • 16 million users in Poland play games.
  • Interestingly 47% of gamers in our country are women.

Authors of the report argue that gaming in Poland is not only based on the success of The Witcher from CD PROJEKT. There are as many as 440 companies on the market that deal with the creation and release of production. And these are not AAA games, but also simulators or titles for smartphones. We also have gaming horror specialists on the Polish market.

It is also worth emphasizing the devices used by players worldwide:

  • 3 billion users for the mobile version.
  • 3 billion users play on the console
  • the least of them use a PC, as many as 729 million people,

The statement that Poland is becoming a  gaming leader is very true. The gaming market gained a lot during the pandemic, becoming one of the leading sectors of new technologies.

As the authors emphasized, the Polish gaming industry “is a national and export good”. They pointed out that computer games, and more specifically gamedev (video game development), are a relatively young but most dynamically developing segment of the creative industry.