General Assamble Meeting of SITE Poland members

On May 10, 2016, the members of SITE Polska met at the first reporting General Meeting of the association’s members, aimed at: summarizing 2015, providing information on further initiatives taken up to the Meeting in 2016, and on planned upcoming events.

Current members adopted the activity report and the financial statement for 2015, granting discharge to members of the Board of Directors for the tasks they performed. Members of the Audit Committee were also elected. A lively discussion was taking place regarding the activation of the association’s members and their participation in the undertaken activities, as well as the possibilities and ways of reaching new people and entities who would be interested in joining the ranks of SITE Polska. The necessity of communication between the members of the association and the need to enable them to get to know each other and to educate each other was confirmed. The need to conduct educational activities in the field of SITE Global’s achievements and the possibility of using it by members of SITE Polska was also pointed out.

Members of the Board of Directors announced the preparation, as soon as possible, of a summary including the postulates submitted during the Meeting and proposals for their implementation.

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