General Assembly of Members # SITE UNITE

On Wednesday, June 5, the General Assembly of Members of SITE Poland was held. The meeting was chaired by President Cezary Wilemajtys.

The agenda of the meeting included a summary of the Management Board’s activities for 2018 and 5 months 2019, presented by Grażyna Grot-Duziak, Vice President . An increase in the number of members was recorded, which resulted in the award in the SITE Global competition for the largest member retention in 2019.

Jarosław Hulboj, a member of the Board of Directors, presented the financial settlement and revenue plan until the end of 2019. The association operates through thematic committees and project groups. Projects implemented as part of the airline commission, incentive pilots commission and foreign cooperation commission were presented.

The association puts special emphasis on the aspect of international cooperation. The commission chaired by Krzysztof Michniewicz, in cooperation with Agnieszka Jasińska-Goerdt, has undertaken several projects aimed at promoting the Polish incentive market.

Cezary Wilemajtys also presented the assumptions for the development of the association in the coming years, placing particular emphasis on the PITCH strategy, i.e. Poland Incentive Travel Central Hub. He also thanked warmly for the great commitment of members and active presence during the association’s meetings in Poland and abroad.

The Management Board of SITE Poland has obtained the approval of its activities from the Audit Committee and the General Assembly of Members. The next meeting was announced on November 26, 2019.

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