II edition of ARŁAMÓW BUSINESS CHALLENGE. Eco-integration of the business world in Arłamów.

On October 27-29, 2019 at Hotel **** Arłamów, the second edition of the Arłamów Business Challenge (ABC) took place – an industry meeting for representatives of the largest companies and corporations from all over Poland who organize events in the MICE sector.

This year’s program was divided into two parts: the substantive part and the active part, and the leitmotif of the three-day event was ecology, sustainable development and Zero Waste.

Część merytoryczną rozpoczęła prezentacja projekt EKO Arłamów – ponad 100 uczestników ABC zapoznało się z tym kompleksowym programem wdrażającym politykę środowiskową w niemal każdym aspekcie funkcjonowania Hotelu. Goście mogli nie tylko posłuchać o eko-zmianach, jakie już zostały wprowadzone ale przede wszystkim doświadczyć ich w praktyce.

The substantive part began with the presentation of the EKO Arłamów project – over 100 ABC participants got acquainted with this comprehensive program implementing the environmental policy in almost every aspect of the Hotel’s operation. Guests could not only hear about the eco-changes that have already been introduced but above all experience them in practice.

Another point of the substantive part of the meeting were lectures of inspirational speakers – Wojciech Herra talked about the Zero Waste policy in planning and managing the organization of events, while Agnieszka Nadstawna presented the training “How to maintain correctness in content design, attractions and communication of events – cultural differences, ideological differences , generational and meeting efficiency “. An excellent opportunity to exchange views and experiences in implementing Zero Waste policy and ecological solutions in business was the industry debate, led by: Magdalena Kondas and Sylwia Banaszewska, representing meetingplanner.pl – the portal that held patronage over the Arłamów Business Challenge. The end of the day and its summary was a gala networking dinner in the interiors of the hotel Patio with a guest performance by the Stage Fever band.

As part of the active part, ABC participants took part in a unique game for groups of “Arłamów without a curtain”, which, through various sports and surprising tasks, moved guests to the 1980s and 1990s. The joint tree planting campaign and a guided tour of the Bieszczady forests were the perfect complement to the ABC program.
During the three days, the participants of the Arłamów Business Challenge got to know the facility, its conference and event capabilities, and above all they had the opportunity to see how important it is to implement policy in the spirit of eco in business.

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