Kayaking trips are one of the most interesting forms of tourist activity that can be practiced in Poland. We have one of the best conditions for this type of tourism in Europe. About 150 kayaking routes and 10,000 rowing-friendly lakes – such a dense network of water routes is nowhere to be found in Europe.

Polish waterways will satisfy everyone, they are suitable both for longer trips with overnight stays on the way, and for one-day trips.

Recreational kayaking is available to the vast majority of tourists, adults, families with small children and the elderly. The key is to choose the right route: rivers, canals, lakes. Activity is not strenuous in terms of physical activity, although it does require basic fitness. It is also a safe activity – provided that you maintain the basics of safety (life jackets), and you take into consideration your skills and shape.

Apart from kayaking trips, which are aimed at relaxation and contact with nature, you can organize a trail along the historical monuments of hydraulic engineering (an unforgettable experience is locking on the Augustow Canal, which is part of the Czarna Hancza trail); water ornithological expeditions or exciting rafting down mountain rivers.

In addition to kayaks, you can organize an exciting old style rafting trip on the on the Dunajec.

Below we present a few suggestions of routes – easy and accessible for beginners, where you can rely on the help of professionals.

Undoubtedly, such activity will be perfect during a team-building or incentive trip.

Warsaw area:

  •  Warsaw – Zeran – Zegrze Lake

 Zegrze Lake is certainly a great attraction for those looking for activity in and around Warsaw. We start the kayaking trip along the Zeran Canal, going all the way to Zegrze Lake, where we can end the day sunbathing and barbecuing. The Zeran Canal runs roughly from the north to the south. Practically half of its length is within the administrative boundaries of the capital city.

  • Zalesie Dolne and Konstancin – the Jeziorka river

 Another kayaking trip around Warsaw, which is a perfect attraction for active people. The trip starts from so called “Gorki Szymona” in Zalesie Dolne. Due to the wildness and unpredictability of conditions, it may turn out that the kayak will have to be carried to another place – it is a wild river and both the wind and the water level change its conditions from day to day.

  • Pomiechowek – the Wkra and the Narew river 

A village located in the Mazowieckie voivodship, near Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki, therefore in close proximity to the capital. Pomiechowek is situated on the waters of the Wkra and the Narew. You can organize a trip lasting couple of  hours.

 Outside Warsaw 

  • The Nida (Swietokrzyskie Voivodeship)

One of the simplest and, at the same time, extremely picturesque kayaking trips in Poland, with very convenient access, it flows along most of its length in a calm stream and is devoid of terrain difficulties. For the most part of its course it is rather shallow. You can organize a trip lasting couple of  hours.

  • The Biebrza

The Biebrza is a perfect river for 2-3 days of kayaking trips, away from civilization. It winds with fanciful serpentines through marshes, reeds and oxbow lakes, it is an unregulated and wild river. It is not very difficult, it offers the possibility of lazy drifting between the walls of reeds and observing the animals. There are about 270 species of birds in the Biebrza Valley, including almost 180 breeding birds. A great attraction for those looking for contact with nature.

  • The Brda (near Bydgoszcz) 

It is one of the greatest kayaking routes in Poland. Almost 240 km long, it is even called a real waterway. Long, easy to cross, perfectly marked, it has two great advantages – many lakes along the trail and countless forests that accompany it along the entire course. The most frequently and most-chosen route is Smukala (footbridge) – Zimne Wody. It is 17 km to cover on the Brda River. The trip takes 4-5 hours depending on the speed. The route is divided into three sections, which makes it more attractive and charming. Part of the route runs through Bydgoszcz, we traverse the very center of the city, visiting the city from the water level. It is a very attractive activity and a relaxing form of getting to know the city during a conference or business meeting.

  • Zwierzyniec – the Wieprz River (Lubelskie Voivodeship)

Zwierzyniec in the Lubelskie Voivodeship is located on the Wieprz River near the Roztoczanski National Park. The city is famous not only for its really good “Zwierzyniec” pils beer, but also for its picturesque surroundings. It is called the “Green Heart of Roztocze” for a reason. You can organize a few hours relaxing trip.

  • The Black Hancza

Suwalki Region For those enjoying contact with nature we propose the Black Hancza – probably the most famous kayaking trail in Poland, which has enjoyed well-deserved popularity for decades. Together with the Augustow Canal (last 2 km of the trip), it is a wonderful waterway, full of surprising turns, varied, with numerous manually operated locks (additional attraction), swift fragments of the current and fantastically clean waters. It is best to book a full day for this trip, as it takes more than 7 hours.