Michał Maziarczyk

About me

Michał has been involved in tourism for 10 years. He started in the incentive industry as a Project Manager at ICP Group and an active member of the MPI association. Winner, as the first student from Poland, of the prestigious MPI Foundation Youth Award. He also worked as a group leader for the German company Sprachcaffe in Malta, Brighton or during the European Football Championship 2012 for Castrol. Currently, for almost 5 years, he has represented the Liberty International Tourism Group for agencies from the Polish and Baltic markets – a global DMC, which already has over 90 directions in its portfolio and thousands of successful implementations, including the largest for over 5,000 people. Travel enthusiast, he has already marked over 60 destinations on the world map.

Company details

Liberty International Tourism Group
Rozkošného 5/762
150 00 Praha 5-Smíchov, Czechy

Contact details

Tel: +48 737 467 414
E-mail: michal.maziarczyk@liberty-int.com
WWW: liberty-int.com

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