Mikołaj Jeżak

About me

A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. Since the mid-90s he has been associated with corporate tourism in a management position. In 2010-2018, the shareholder and Managing Partner of the Incentive Agency-InDreams – currently one of the leaders of the incentive travel market in Poland. The main shareholder and CEO of InDreams from January 2019.

A member and one of the founders of the industry association SOIT.

The personality of the industry in the MP Power 12 competition and the nine-time winner of the MP POWER AWARD industry awards for the best incentive trips on Polish market.

During 20 years of travel around the world he visited over 130 countries.

Privately, father of 3 sons, married, passionate about tennis, photography and the Himalayas.

About company

InDreams is a direct marketing agency, which deals with implementing sales support programs based on incentive trips. Since 2005, we specialize in branches where the main goal is to increase sales and development lasing business relationships.

Thanks to our experience, we have created original tools that we adapt to our clients’ needs every time. We managed many projects for the most demanding clients.

InDream’s team consists of professionals with long-standing experience in direct and incentive marketing. We are first class specialists in marketing and sophisticated travelers, who combining their knowledge of marketing with the passion for traveling. We know how to effectively build sales support programs, get tickets for UEFA Champions League matches or how to find the way in The Laotian Jungle. Our work is our passion. However, our priority is effectiveness of our tools, safety of incentive tours and satisfaction of our clients. We know how to take care of this.

That is why we are sure that our solutions are the most innovative and well suited to the needs of our clients. Thanks to the unique structure, good coordination, and clear distribution of responsibilities, we are able to realize big projects at the same time and we are the most awarded agency in Poland.

Company details

Indreams Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.
ul. Wiertnicza 32
02-952 Warszawa, Polska

Contact details

Tel: +48 22 430 03 30
E-mail: info@indreams.pl
WWW: indreams.pl

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