Omar S. Atallah

About me

Effective and accountable in high-profile executive roles – Overcome complex business challenges and make high-stakes decisions using experience-backed judgment, strong work ethics. Respected as a proponent of empowerment and accountability.

Corporate Strategy & Development Specialist – Characterized as a visionary, strategist and tactician, Consistent record of delivering extraordinary results in growth, revenue, operational performance, and profitability. Heavy transaction background including startup financing, mergers and acquisitions, and sale of a company.

Strong orientation in Operation, Marketing & Finance – participate in high level operational initiatives, including infrastructure design process reengineering, turnaround management, and reorganization. As innovative investor use instincts, insight, judgment, and timing to succeed no matter how tough the deal.

Respect & leverage human capital – Motivate, mentor and lead talented professionals, Live the culture and lead by example, Direct cross-functional team using interactive and motivational leadership that spurs people to willingly give 110% effort and loyalty 

About company

We are a creative team of travel designers who are in the know (about travel in Israel, Jordan & Palestine).  And we are passionate about service and detail.  Combine all of that and you will get to know our one and only purpose – to activate your taste buds for all the potential and the variety of experiences that IsraelJordan & Palestine have to offer.

Your time is precious.  We therefore put ourselves in your shoes as we plan the experiences and tours for you and your clients.  We do want your clients to feel at their home away from home during their time amongst us.  When we travel we’d look for the ultimate in service and quality. That would be the same feeling we would want to give to your clients.  This is what guides us as we plan every minute of every hour of your clients’ stay with us.

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Jerusalem T&T (JT&T)
3 Nur ed-Din Street Jerusalem - Israel

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Tel: +972 2 6289418

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