Paweł Świderski

About me

Founder of Passionate about the East of Poland and Ukraine. She loves to test, try, taste and share this knowledge with others – a specialist in Ukraine and Magic Lviv. For 15 years he has lived, worked and loves Lublin and the Lublin region, and his second home is Green Ukraine and Lviv.

Promoter of the Wild East of Europe – its tastes, smells, landscapes and people. A lover of sało * and cold drinks. (* Sało – a delicacy from the east – long pickled lard, served in many forms, even with chocolate).

In his free time, he loves to cook, take care of the garden and enjoy the flavors of wines from around the world and the best “treasures of Lviv”.

About company

“Discover the beauty of the East with us” is the slogan and business motto of Since 2012, we have been organizing incentive trips and Magic VIP trips to Ukraine, where, as DMC, we support our business partners in discovering, tasting and admiring Green Ukraine.

We show our guests the Magic of Ukraine, and most of all, the amazing Lviv. We give you a taste of exceptional dishes and unusual drinks, and all this is complemented by unhurried sightseeing, making each trip to the East a combination of magic and a sentimental, unique experience. We also love the beautiful East of Poland, especially the Lublin region – its tastes, aromas, landscapes, unspoiled nature, secret places … and amazing people from the east and their exceptional hospitality.

We have the greatest experience on the Polish market in organizing extraordinary, magical trips to Ukraine. Lviv, Transcarpathia, Podolia, Kiev, Odessa – these are just some of the places where we take our guests – we invite you on a magical journey and discovering the magic and beauty of the East.

We are a member of the Lublin Regional Tourist Organization and the Local Tourist Organization Metropolia Lublin.

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East Service Paweł Świderski
Elizówka 22 Z
21-003 Ciecierzyn

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Tel: +48 607 654 318

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