Golf in Poland is considered to be an elite entertainment. Such a belief remained among us from the previous system of government and was the result of propaganda at the time that golf was not an appropriate sport for the working-class population.

Meanwhile, golf is one of the most popular sports in the world, and this popularity is growing with the inclusion of golf in the Olympic Games (Rio de Janeiro 2016). It is a sport played by whole families around the world. You can meet children, teenagers and the elderly on the golf courses. Due to the fact that 1 to 4 people can play in one group on the field at the same time, it is a great opportunity to relax in the fresh air, as well as meet friends or acquaintances.

It is an ideal sport for team-buildings during incentive trips, activity during conference trips. Golf means fresh air, trees surround, nature, therefore it is an ideal discipline after the time spent in a conference room, and at the same time creating an ideal atmosphere for deepening relationships and social conversations.

Golf in Poland began to develop in the 90s however it does not mean that the discipline was not present in the current Polish territories. The history of golf in Poland before World War II is associated with the history of German golf. The territories of today’s western Poland at that time belonged to Germany, it was there that the first golf courses in Szczawno Zdroj and Wroclaw were built. In the territory of the Second Polish Republic, pre-war golf courses operated near Warsaw, Katowice, Lancut and Gdansk.

After the fall of communism, interest in this sport discipline returned, the Polish Golf Union was established on July 31, 1993 in Warsaw. The association currently gathers 71 golf clubs with over 5,000 golfers licensed by the Polish Golf Association. The main office of the PGU is in Warsaw. Despite the fact that the post-war history of the discipline began less than three decades ago, fans of this sport can choose from about 70 clubs and 19 full-size golf courses. The interest in this elegant sport in Poland is constantly growing, and almost 1000 tournaments are played during the year.

In Poland, you can play golf in Warsaw, on the coast, in Warmia or in the Bieszczady Mountains.

Below is a list of some of the most popular and beautifully situated golf courses:

  • First Warsaw Golf & Country Club (Rajszewo, about 25 km from Warsaw)
  • Sierra Golf Club (Petkowice near Wejcherowo; Masuria)
  • Chopin Golf SPA (Szczytna, Lower Silesia)
  • Krakow Valley Golf & Country Club (near Krzeszowice, Malopolska)
  • Arlamow Golf Club (Podkarpacie)
  • Srebrne Stawy Golf Course (Bytom, Silesia)
  • Rosa Private Golf Club (near Czestochowa, Silesia)
  • Sand Valley Golf & Country Club (Paslek, near Elblag)
  • Wierzchowiska Golf & Country Club (near Lublin)
  • Toya Golf & Country Club (Kryniczno, near Wroclaw)