Golden Polish autumn means red, yellow, orange and golden leaves on the trees, it is the end of summer with rising fog and blooming heather … Poles with baskets go to the forests to look for mushrooms.

On September 22, astronomical autumn begins, few days after the autumn solstice, we enter October, which usually begins the so-called “golden Polish autumn”, i.e. about 3 weeks in nature, when most trees change their color. We observe yellow birch leaves, very golden, even orange maples and fiery red many beech trees. When exactly the “golden autumn” starts it depends on the number of frosts, whether September was dry and warm or wet and cooler. In Poland it is an extremely picturesque time when you can capture the extraordinary richness of colors in the surrounding landscape. We will see the most beautiful ones in the mountains, forests and parks. It is generally believed that the most beautiful golden autumn can be admired in the Bieszczady Mountains.

What activities do we recommend during this time?

  • Hiking in the mountains, bike tours.
  • In Poland, it is also the time of mushroom picking. Mushrooms appear in the forests and lovers of this entertainment set off with baskets to search. Many people say that this is the national autumn entertainment for Poles. Mushroom picking is a great idea for autumn activity in Poland. It is because we marinate them and use them as flavor in traditional polish dishes.