About the region

Pomerania region includes three provinces stretching in the north of Poland: Zachodniopomorskie, Pomorskie and Kujawsko-Pomorskie.

  • West Pomeranian- Zachodniopomorskie

Zachodniopomorskie is a seaside region with the capital in Szczecin, located in northwest Poland, with many resorts and famous SPAs; there are areas of natural interest in the voivodship , with two national parks at the head: Wolinski and Drawienski.

  • Pomeranian ( Pomorskie)

The Pomeranian Voivodeship is located in northern Poland, the capital is Gdańsk, which together with Gdynia and Sopot form the agglomeration known as the Tricity. The historic pearl of the region is the Castle in Malbork, entered on the UNESCO list, and the natural heritage of Słowinski National Park and Bory Tucholskie.

  • Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province

The third Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, located between the coast and Masuria, has two capitals, dynamically developing Bydgoszcz and the historic Toruń entered on the UNESCO list.

  • Business tourism

An ideal region of Poland for the organization of business and scientific events or company meetings. In addition to the Tri-City, especially Gdansk and Torun, Szczecin, Kolobrzeg and Bydgoszcz will be a very good location for organizing the event.

  • Szczecin

An extremely picturesque city surrounded by numerous rivers and charming lakes. In addition to modern hotels and conference facilities, the port is a great advantage of the city, which ensures communication with Germany, Denmark and Sweden. It is important when planning an international business meeting, seminar or lecture. The West Pomeranian region is highly urbanized and at the same time provides conditions for relaxation.

  • Bydgoszcz

A modern and lively city with a rich history. Known as the Polish Venice, which was influenced by the climate created by the tenement houses along the “Młynkówka” river. Conference facilities, restaurants and leisure activities places are to be reached within walking distance from each other. Good location, a regional airport, convenient road and rail connections ensure easy access to all major cities in Poland.

  • Beaches and resorts

Numerous seaside resorts invite you with the offer of large hotel and leisure centers, which in the off-season focus on business tourism, offering not only a hotel base, but also a long list of leisure activities.

  • Kashubia and Kujawy

Two historic, culturally rich regions. So called  “checkered land”, dominated by half-timbered architecture, castles, palaces and towns, local folklore and regional cuisine will be a great complement to your stay in the coastal area.


The hotel offer in Pomerania is extremely diverse. Below we present the largest and most important facilities outside Gdansk and Torun.


Hotele 4****:

  • Hotel Dana Business & Conference
  • Novotel Szczecin Centrum 4****
  • Radisson Blue 4****
  • Hotel Park Business & Pleasure 4****

Hotele 3***:

  • Silver Hotel & Gokart Center
  • Hotel i restauracja Jachtowa 3***

Kołobrzeg and its vicinity:

Hotele 5*****:

  • Havet Hotel Resort & SPA
  • 5***** Dźwirzyno
  • Aquarius SPA 5*****

Hotele 4****:

  • Hotel Seaside Kołobrzeg ****
  • Hotel Senator **** Dźwirzyno
  • Imperiall Resort Medi & SPA 4**** Ustronie Morskie
  • Lambert Hotel Medical & SPA
  • Baltin Hotel & SPA 4****Mielno
  • Royal Park Hotel & SPA 3*** Mielno
  • Hotel Planeta 3***
  • Ośrodek Szkoleniowo – Wypoczynkowy Bażyna Pogorzelica
  • Diva SPA Obiekt szkoleniowo – wypoczynkowy Kołobrzeg


  • Hotel Aurora Family & SPA

Trójmiasto and its vicinity:

Hotele 5*****

  • Testa Hotel Sopot 5*****
  • Sheraton Sopot Hotel 5*****

Hotele 4****

  • Hotel SPA Faltom Gdynia Rumia****
  • Hotel Dom Zdrojowy Resort & SPA 4**** Jastarnia
  • Radisson Blu Hotel, Sopot 4****
  • Courtyard by Marriott Gdynia Waterfront

Hotele 3***

  • Zamek Gniew 3***
  • Hotel Business Faltom Gdynia ***

W regionie:

Hotele 5*****

  • Hotel Haffner 5*****
  • Dolina Charlotty Resort & SPA; (okolice Słupska)
  • Kozi Gród Hotel & Restaurant 4**** Pomlewo
  • Hotel Lubicz **** Wellness & Spa Ustka 4 **** Ustka


Hotele 5****

  • Hotel Bohema 5*****

Hotele 4****

  • City Hotel 4****
  • Focus Premium „Pod Orłem” 4****
  • Holiday Inn 4****
  • Mercure Sepia Bydgoszcz 4****
  • Hotel Słoneczny Młyn4****
  • Hotel Restaurcja Wodnik 4****

Hotele 3***

  • Hotel Best Inn 3***
  • Hotel Campanille 3***
  • Hotel Chopin 3***
  • Hotel Ikar ***
  • Hotel Kuźnia 3***

Zamki Pałace:

  • Zespół Pałacowo-Parkowy Ostromecko (Bydgoszcz)

Other interesting objects in the area:

  • Hotel Pory Roku 4**** Pokrzydowo
  • Pałac w Turznie 4**** okolicy Torunia
  • Hotel Rondo 3*** (Okolice Bordnicy)
  • Hotel Poledno Bukowiec
  • Evita Hotel & SPA 4****
  • Villa Park MED. & SPA 4* Ciechocinek
  • Głęboczek Hotel Resort Vine & Spa

Conference and business venues

Pomerania is appreciated by event organizers, both for its professional Trade Fair and Exhibition Centers, as well as unusual conference facilities.

Below are some of the most important and interesting locations:

  • Euroregion Stara Rzeźnia ( Old Slaughterhouse) Cultural Centre (Szczecin)
  • A conference or meeting on the Polonia or Skania ferry
  • Bydgoszcz Trade Fair and Exhibition Center
  • Bydgoszcz: Opera Nowa, Teatr Polski, MDD Work Together
  • Historic Pump Hall – Museum of Waterworks; Historic Barge Lemara

Substantive support is provided by: Gdańsk Convention Bureau; Bydgoszcz Convention Bureau; Pomorska Regionalna Organizacja Turystyczna; Kujawsko – Pomorska Regionalna Organizacja Turystyczna; Zachodniopomorska Organizacja Turystyczna.

Local cuisine

Gourmets lovers will appreciate Kashubian strawberries, forest fruits, goose and naturally Baltic herring.

  • Coastal delicacies

The direct location by the sea and access to clean water reservoirs affect the culinary offer of the Polish coast and lake districts. Sea and freshwater fish are the showpiece of the local cuisine. In seaside towns, fish are sold straight from fishing boats, which is a real attraction for visitors. Here, the king of the Baltic Sea is cod, the most popular fish next to herring and flounder.

  • Kashubian strawberries

Kaszëbskô malëna, the Kashubian strawberry, has become very famous in Europe. During the Polish presidency in the European Union, in 2011, 3.5 tons of these strawberries were delivered from Kashubia as a culinary gadget advertising Poland among EU politicians and residents of Strasbourg. The tradition of growing strawberries in Kashubia dates back several hundred years.

  • Tastes of Kashubia

Another local taste in Kashubia is  pulki, i.e. potatoes with herring, which were usually eaten in Popielec ( “Ash Wednesday” )  and Good Friday. Scrambled eggs with sprats are also very popular. Here you will find regional dishes that you will not find anywhere else, for example pea soup served with salted herring or poultry stomachs in jelly. The showpiece of Kashubian cuisine is also “okrasa”, that is “obona” in Kashubian, called “goose tartare”.

  • Flower kitchen

It is worth mentioning the flower cuisine, dishes with lavender, rose, fuchsia and other garden decorations are served along with recipes for these dishes and a large dose of culinary knowledge during the “Culinary Festival of Edible Flowers”.

  • In Kujawy

What distinguishes the Kujawy cuisine is the “czernina soup”, rarely or not at all found in other parts of Poland. Known from history as “black soup”, it was served to scare away unwanted competitors or uninvited guests. The name comes from the fact that it is prepared with the addition of duck or goose blood (less often rabbit or pork) based on offal, especially stomachs and vegetables, fresh or dried fruit (pears, plums, apples), sometimes honey and spices.

Top attractions

  • Tri-City

History enthusiasts and will delight Gdansk with the Main Town and Long Coast, and the “city from the sea” – Gdynia. Amateurs of sunbathing and relaxation will be happy to stroll along the famous pier in Sopot. Torun is a city with one of the most beautiful old towns in Poland.

  • Wolin and Darłowo

Wolin and Darłowo along with nearly 40 other places are part of the West Pomeranian Sailing Trail. The network of tourist ports, equipped with modern infrastructure, runs through the main waterway leading from Berlin via Szczecin to Sweden.

Canoeists can enjoy river routes of Drawa, Płonia, Myśli, Parsęta, Ina and Rega.

  • The Lighthouse Trail.

The most attractive of them is the lighthouse in Świnoujście, the tallest lighthouse on the Baltic Sea and one of the tallest in the world. It is 64.5 m high, its light extends 46.4 km into the sea.

  • The Castle Museum in Malbork.

The former capital of the Teutonic Order State is presnted by guides in period costumes, discovering the secrets of the High Castle, the Middle Castle and the Palace of the Grand Masters.

  • Kashubia

Although geographically belonging to Pomerania, they are a separate area in terms of culture and cuisine. The inhabitants of this area, Kashubians, are an ethnic group of former Pomeranians, distinguished by a separate dialect and script, rich in colorful folk costumes, songs and original musical instruments. Kashubians are also distinguished by the habit of taking snuff, which has long been rooted in the local tradition, colored with the patterns of horn-shaped snuffboxes.

You can learn about the culture of the Kashubians at the Center for Education and Regional Promotion in Szymbark. It is associated primarily with the Upside Down House, where the labyrinth “goes crazy” while walking on the ceiling. In the Center, the beer produced in the Kaszubska Korona Brewery is poured straight from the tap into the glass, along with regional dishes that can be tasted in the “Góscyńc Pod Wioldźim Dela “restaurant.

  • Slowinski National Park

UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

  • Archaeological Museum in Biskupin

The most important archaeological reserve in Central Europe, it consists of, among others reconstruction of a Neolithic settlement from 6000 years ago, a Lusatian settlement from 2700 years ago and an early Piast village.

  •  Bydgoszcz

Museum of Soap and the History of Dirt

An idea for incentive travel in Pomerania

What Pomerania can offerduring an incentive trip?

  • Taste edible flowers, feel like a Viking, see stone circles, climb the tallest lighthouse on the Polish Baltic Sea, ride a tank, traverse the bicycle routes of the Western Lake District.
  • The region abounds in golf courses: Binowo Park Golf Club, Amber Baltic Golf Club, Modry Las Golf Club, Kamień Country Golf Club.
  • Moreover, among the attractions there are water sports, birdwatching, ie bird watching, hunting, fishing, nature paths, hiking, cycling, canoeing, horse riding and cross-country trails.

Yacht and ship cruises, team building activities on the beach.

  • Kashubian cuisine culinary workshops.