Poland is more and more often appreciated for its beautiful, diverse nature. Many tourists from abroad choose our country for this very reason. One of the most attractive natural regions in Poland is the Bieszczady Mountains.

Bieszczady heaven

Bieszczady is largely beautiful nature, one of the wildest places in Poland. Amazing, breathtaking views await visitors, setting the scene for the life and the occurrence of many species of animals, rare or nonexistent elsewhere. Three borders meet here (Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine) and at night the sky is the darkest in Poland, and even in Europe. The constellations are clearly visible from here, which is why the “Bieszczady” Star Sky Park was created, where the darkness of the night was considered a natural wealth. Observing the sky in Podkarpacie is almost a mystical experience.

Wild animals in the Bieszczady Mountains

Podkarpacie, and more precisely Bieszczady, is the only region in Poland, where all large predators, including bear, wolf and lynx, can be found. The largest herbivores also live here, along with European bison, elk and deer.

The most famous animal in the Bieszczady Mountains is the brown bear, about 90% of the Polish bear population lives in the region.

Apart from the bear, the largest mammal living in the Bieszczady Mountains is the bison. It is relatively easy to find large specimens of this dignified animal in winter, when they go out to the pasture, because then they gather in herds.

Undoubtedly hoofed animals are the showcase of the Bieszczady Mountains, moose – an animal no less “spectacular” than the bison, deer and roe deer.

One cannot fail to mention the species of large predators that live in the wild in the Bieszczady Mountains – the wolf, the largest canine predator in Europe, and the lynx – the most hidden wild cats. The numbers of these animals are small but stable. Wolves usually come in packs, forming the so-called pack. In the area of ​​our climate zone, it usually has 5, 6 or 8 pieces. In Poland, these animals are fully protected. It is practically impossible for a tourist to meet a lynx, but we can be proud that such a wonderful and rare animal still feels great in the backwoods of the Bieszczady Mountains.

Safari and the star gazing sky in Poland?

Is it possible? As you can see, yes.

The best time to track wild animals is winter and autumn – the season of beautiful mating spectacles: rut (deer) and beech (elk). The most difficult – summer, but it is worth going to the Bieszczady at any time of the year. In spring, when nature comes to life. In summer, to observe the starry sky, in autumn and winter also to see this beautiful piece of Poland in the red and gold crowns of trees or under a white blanket of snow.