Moving dunes are one of the greatest natural attractions of the Polish coast. They are located in the coastal Slowinski National Park, which, due to its great natural diversity, was entered in 1977 into the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves.

Shifting sands occupy a large part of the park from the sea, close to the popular resort town of Leba.  It is the largest area of ​​wandering sand in Europe – about 500 ha. The whole area looks like a sand desert. Some dunes are still moving eastwards, even at speeds of up to 10 meters per year. They move because of the wind that pours grains of sand from the tops of the hills. The highest of them are several dozen meters high, for example Mt Lacka  (Lacka Gora) rising 42 meters above sea level.

Visiting the “Polish Sahara” is a must-see on the route of tourists staying in Leba.

Within the boundaries of the protected area, you can only go on foot and on designated hiking trails. Their total length is 140 km. The thematically divided nature paths are of particular interest.