The new Board of Directors of SITE Poland is developing an action plan for the coming year

The new Board of Directors  of SITE Poland is developing an action plan for the coming year

The new management board of SITE Poland is developing an action plan for the coming year. During two December working meetings, members of the new Board of Directors discussed the goals and plans of the organization for 2018.

SITE Poland intends to encourage all its members to operate under sub-assemblies that will deal with specific and important matters of the incentive travel industry in Poland. SITE Poland brings together members from many key areas: incentive travel and DMC agencies, companies representing foreign partners, pilots and guides, hotels and airlines as well as local promotion offices. Anyone who wants to invest in their development and market relations can become an individual member of SITE Poland. SITE Poland’s strategy is to translate into greater involvement and development of all segments of the local meetings industry. At the same time, the goal of SITE Poland is to be to create a positive image of Poland as a market for MICE suppliers and recipients around the world.

President of the new Board of Directors Cezary Wilemajtys hopes that Poland will become the center of the meeting industry services in Central Europe. “The MICE industry in Poland is strong against the background of Europe, well organized and characterized by our native fantasy. I would like SITE Poland to create this positive image of Poland abroad, “declares Cezary Wilemajtys.

Members of the Board of Directors plan to participate in the international conference of the SITE and MPI Global Forum associations, which will take place in Rome on January 12-14, 2018. “Our four-member delegation of the Board of Directors of SITE Poland begins the first active activities with the Forum in Rome,” says Wilemajtys. It’s a great opportunity to take the first steps on the road to implementing our ambitious plans. “

Composition of the new Board of Directors:

President: Cezary Wilemajtys, president of United Partners

Grażyna Grot-Duziak, Regional Director of MICE Weco-Travel

Jarosław Hulboj, MICE & Leisure Travel Department Director, Air Club

Margaret Hulewicz (Małgorzata Hulewicz), Event Manager MAZURKAS TRAVEL Poland

Katarzyna Kałuża-Nawrot, Development Director, Travel Bidder

Monika Wąs, owner of MICEadvice Poland

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