About Torun

Torun, located in the heart of the Cuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, is considered one of the oldest cities in Poland, and received city rights in 1232. The city located on the Vistula River is an important scientific, tourist and cultural center. In the past, a Teutonic Knights and then Hanseatic League city, as evidenced by numerous coats of arms on tenement houses; a royal city with an impressive fortress and an old town.

Located at the crossroads of former trade routes between East and West Europe, the metropolis has its own unique character and boasts a great variety of monuments and attractions for people of all ages and interests.

  • City of Nicolaus Copernicus and aromatic gingerbreads

Undoubtedly, the city’s showpiece is the figure of Nicolaus Copernicus, who revolutionized science. He published the work “On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres”, describing
a new vision of the universe.

The city is also famous for being the capital of aromatic gingerbread, which baking traditions dates back to the Middle Ages.

  • Pearl of Medieval Architecture – UNESCO

 Considered one of the most valuable and beautiful medieval city complexes in Europe.

In Torun there are several cultural, scientific and research institutions (including the Polish Academy of Sciences, the country’s most modern astronomy center) and economic institutions, as well as several universities, including the oldest and largest university in northern Poland located. As well as many international cultural events take place In Torun.


Torun has a rich hotel base of 3* and 4* hotels that offer conference facilities. Hotel Copernicus ****, located right next to Torun’s old town, has 11 conference rooms, SPA center, and a wide sports offer. Hotel Filmar 4* is the largest hotel and conference facility in Torun.

The location in the city center, convenient access and the vicinity of the historic old town create favorable conditions for the organization of business and training meetings.

The beautifully situated Bulwar **** hotel will also be an excellent seat in Torun. There are also a lot of 3* hotels in the city, including international chain hotels.

Conference venues

Torun is often a preferred destination for congresses and conferences, including those of an international character.

The rich history and wonderful monuments as well as the location near the main communication routes are an additional argument in favor of choosing the city.

The city’s architectural showpiece is the Jordanki Cultural and Congress Center, designed by the world-famous architect Fernando Menis. The unique shape of the Center and modern solutions in the field of acoustics and shaping the audience surface perfectly combine aesthetic and functional values. The brick interiors are a reference to the Gothic architecture of Torun, especially the Old Town.

Many hotels in Torun, apart from accommodation, offer conference rooms fitted with full technical equipment.

An interesting facility for an elegant conference or business meeting is the Artus Court Cultural Center with five representative rooms, perfectly suitable for the organization of conferences, ceremonial gala, banquets, meetings, seminars, etc.

The city is also a good place to organize sports events. Torun Arena is the only sports hall in Poland prepared to host a full program of athletics disciplines in international competitions. The facility is also prepared to host congresses and conferences.

Torun Convention Bureau Copernicus will be your substantive support for organizing events in Torun.

Local cuisine

There are numerous restaurants serving Polish, regional and international cuisine that  await visitors.

  • Torun gingerbreads

Everyone who comes to Torun should try  local gingerbread. They are undoubtedly a magnet attracting to the city. Numerous shops and cafes offer this local delicacy in various forms, from traditional glazed gingerbread cookies to gingerbread spiced cakes. In the city center, we can visit the Living Gingerbread Museum.

  • Gastonomic offer

The great variety of restaurants makes Torun a truly culinary city.

Visitors to Torun have at their disposal restaurants of various standards, with Polish and foreign cuisine. Most of the restaurants, cafes, nightclubs and pubs are located in the historic center – they occupy centuries-old interiors or medieval cellars.

Top attractions

Torun is one of the best-preserved cities in terms of the number of medieval monuments, not only in Poland, but also in Europe. Many buildings from that period have survived, and the residential houses preserved in Torun constitute the largest and best-preserved complex of Gothic residential architecture in Northern Europe. Since 1997 Torun’s Old Town is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.

  • Two cities in one

Torun is actually two cities, old and new, as evidenced by the two markets of the old town. The Old Town Square undoubtedly remains the beating heart of the city. The center is dominated by the Old Town Hall behind a wonderful viewpoint on the tower. Noteworthy are magnificent tenement houses, such as the neo-Renaissance Artus Court with magnificent interiors, where exhibitions and concerts are held, or the baroque “Under the Star Tenement House” (Kamienica Pod Gwiazdą), now the Museum of the Far East. There is also a statue of Nicolaus Copernicus on the square.

  • Fortifications

In Torun, you can trace the entire development of fortifications and defenses, ranging from the early medieval ramparts of the hillfort, through medieval defensive walls, modern bastions, to 19th-century fortifications. The most interesting sites are the Leaning Tower, Fort IV and the magnificent Gates: Monastery, Bridge and Sailor’s Gate.

  • Teutonic Castle Ruins

The first in Poland and one of the most important fortresses of the Teutonic state, built in the thirteenth century, preserved only in part.

  • Gingerbread miracles

The Gingerbread Museum is a place where you can not only follow the history of the city’s aromatic, spicy specialties, but also take part in interesting workshops.

  • Panorama of Torun

The most beautiful is the one viewed from the bank of the Vistula River or during a cruise from the deck of a ship or boat. In 2007 entered on the list of New 7 Wonders of Poland.

  • City of Copernicus

In the city, we can find many places related to the famous astronomer. Starting from the probable place of birth, the house of Copernicus, to the church where he was baptized and the monument in the Old Town Square. A Planetarium was established in the astronomer’s city, in which spatial astronomical shows are presented. You can feel like under a starry sky under the dome of the building

  • Tony Halik Travellers’ Museum

A collection of unique exhibits from around the world referring to numerous travels of the polish explorer. Most of the souvenirs were donated by Mrs Elżbieta Dzikowska.

Tony Halik and Elzbieta Dzikowska were polish explorers who travelled around the world and for over twenty years, hosted over three hundred TV shows and series for Polish Television. He also created over four hundred documentary films, wrote thirteen books and many press articles.

Incentive Travel Ideas in Torun

  • Gingerbread Workshop

The city is associated with gingerbread, a perfect idea for inspiring integration activities will be workshops with a gingerbread master under the supervision of whom these traditional sweets are prepared. The program includes cutting, baking and decorating gingerbread cookies.

  • City games

The accumulation of magnificent monuments, the rich history of the city are the perfect scenery for organizing a city game both in the form of a storyline and with the help of an  mobile app.

  • Historical torchlight adventure

In the nineteenth century the city was surrounded by fortifications, the fortifications in the form of Fort IV have survived to this day, we suggest visiting the monument in a historical setting, in the company of a Prussian soldier and by the light of a torch.

  • Cruise on the Vistula River

A cruise by ship or boat on the Vistula River, admiring the panorama of the city entered on the list of 7 new wonders of Poland.