The task of the commission is to establish business relations with airlines in Poland and abroad.

Goal: building the position of SITE Poland as an important entity associating MICE Agencies presenting significant purchasing power. Creating tools for SITE Poland members for more effective planning and management of incentive trips and meetings from the aspect of air transport.

Areas of the commission’s activities:

  • defining the principles of cooperation with all airlines flying from Poland, improving the conditions/or standardizing them where possible – adapting to the decision-making process on the Polish market;

  • terms of cooperation – group deposits, cancellation conditions, dates of issued tickets, change of names on issued tickets;

  • conditions for allocating special tickets for incentive agencies (fairs, conferences);

  • extension of the range of additional benefits for incentive groups;

  • fam trips, educational meetings for members of the association;

  • constant access to information on possible new and attractive connections for groups (new inflight schedules, new directions);

  • development of the group flights market (Polish cities as hubs);

  • support for members in dealing with airlines.



The Commission is a bridge between SITE POLAND and SITE GLOBAL as well as other organizations and events with a range of activities.

Goal: building international relations, showing our chapter as strong and well organized, in the perspective of Poznań measures, announcers of activities, strengthening our role in the field of SITE GLOBAL, organization of events of general scope, support in contacts with foreign partners.

The Commission uses the contacts of SITE Polska members who are active in SITE Global and other international industry organizations.

Areas of the commission’s activities:

  • Communication: media contact with Site Global regarding: press releases, current information about events;

  • Education: expanding knowledge about certificates, available certifications in Poland, encourage members to become certified and widen their skills;

  • Educational trips as part of cooperation with other chapters of SITE Global, Tourism Promotion Offices and Convention Bureaus;

  • Site Poland’s expert role – Participation of SITE Poland members in international events and giving expert opinions;

  • Events – co-organization of educational events with foreign tourist agencies;

  • Support for members in contact with foreign partners.



Goal: establishing trilateral cooperation on the line: Association – DMC – Hotels and hotel chains.

Areas of the commission’s activities:

  • development of favorable commercial conditions (including development of group conditions);

  • joint educational projects;

  • joint projects and actions promoting Poland as an attractive tourist and MICE destination;

  • permanent access to information on new facilities and special offers;

  • conditions for participation in loyalty programs;

  • joint preparation of offers: standard, conference, incentive offers, offers designed for a specific market;

  • developing standards and principles of partnership cooperation that promote business ethics.



Goal: comprehensive development and increasing the value of the incentive Travel market by combining the needs of customers in Poland ith the potential of our industry worldwide.

Areas of the commission’s activities:

  • Innovation in the B2B@ travel industry;

  • Research in Poland and in the world;

  • Law in tourism in Poland and in the world;

  • Cooperation with CVN’s worldwide;

  • Moral law and Business Principles all over the world CSR – best practises in the world;

  • Industry awards;

  • Academic programme in Poland and abroad.

The commision undertakes a number of various short and long-rem initiatives that will help Site Poland members to develop themselves as well to contribute profesionalising incentive travel industry.

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Goal: development of the incentive tourist pilots sector.

Areas of the commission’s activities:

  • Skills and competences of pilots of incentive trips;

  • Exchange of experiences between pilots;

  • Training and certification of pilots and managers of incentive trips;

  • Cooperation on the pilot – employee of an incentive agency;

  • Legal and formal issues.

Project: Obtaining by SITE Polska the rights to certify pilot qualifications of incentive events. The project is carried out in cooperation with and in accordance with the requirements and procedure of the Polish Qualifications Framework (PRK) and the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). The first stage of the project was completed in June 2019. The project has been approved by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism. The next stage is handled by the Ministry.

Plan: training and certifications in the second half of 2020.