A yacht cruise on turquoise bays or picturesque lakes is a perfect element of incentive trips. Few people in Poland know that every third motor yacht in European waters comes from Polish shipyards. Our country is one of the largest yacht producers in the world and an absolute leader in the European Union.

Moreover, in recent years we have noticed that the yacht industry is growing in strength. Annually, we produce approx. 22 000 yachts, and Polish specialty are motor yachts up to 9 meters long. The most luxurious boats are also a showcase in the world. Polish shipyards are among the most modern in Europe, and thanks to the investments they have significantly increased their production capacity

In terms of production, we rank second in the world, after the United States. These beautiful water wonders, however, are mainly popular with the foreign clientele, which reaches over 90% of the all of our watercraft production. They are mainly bought by Americans and customers from Western Europe (the Norwegians are the leader, followed by the French and German). Polish yachts are popular among Russians and in the Middle East. Our boats are also known among customers in Australia, Japan and China. The growing turnover of the industry, which, according to Eurostat, doubled in 2014-2018, reaching almost EUR 400 million, proves that there are more and more people. Currently, there are about 160 shipyards in Poland, some of the largest, employing up to 1500 people.