Katarzyna Zegan

About me

Katarzyna Zegan runs an Insider Travel Representation – a company representing DMC on the Polish market. She has been working in the tourist business for 13 years. She worked as travel guide for a british travel office The Imaginative Traveller being in charge of the groups travelling from Moscow to Istambul. She was also a tourism specialist in travel agencies, a project manager for an incentive agency and for the last 6 years she represented DMC at TravelReps company. She loves travelling and she has been wandering around the world for 24 years. Since her first trip when she hitchhiked to Austria, she has visited 90 countries all over the world. Katarzyna went overland to China, she climed Kilimanjaro, she explored Norway and Oman camping there and she went on a special board down the volacano in Nicaragua. But what she appreciates most is contact with local people and that is the reason why she as Insider promotes local activities. And thus the project ‘What locals do’ that has just started originated from. Katarzyna has also created Sensual Insider – workshops showing and teaching about other countries through senses. In cooperation with her foreign counterparts she focuses on ecology and ‘green activities’. She graduated from Polish philology and Public Relations.

Company details

Insider Travel Representation
ul. Ordona 12 D/38
01-237 Warszawa

Contact details

Tel: +48 504 320 747
E-mail: kasia@insiderrep.pl
WWW: insiderrep.pl

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