Olga Krzemińska-Zasadzka

About me

Olga Krzemińska-Zasadzka is the founder and managing director of the POWER Agency established in 1997 (also PowerSport and DMC Warsaw Poland), a founding member of the Event Industry Association, a long-term member of the SBE Management Board (2010-2017), a member of the Incentive Travel Organizers Association (SOT), Associations “Conferences and Congresses in Poland” (SKKP), as well as Society for Incentive Travel Excellence. A member of the team of experts of the SAR-PSML Industry Dialogue, she participated in the work of the “Incentive” groups, she was also the initiator of joining SBE to the “Good Tender” project, she created the SBE Code of Good Practice, works at the Ethics Committee at SOIT, and until 2019 Ethics of SBE and the Program Council of the Event Biznes conference. He is also a co-creator of the SBE Elves charity. For many years, she has been helping to create the event catalog and regularly writes for industry magazines such as: OOH Event, MICE Poland, OOH Magazine and New Marketing. She has appeared many times as a speaker at business and industry conferences, including during the European Congress of Entrepreneurship, Meetings Week Poland, Event Biznes or Event-Mix.

Her activities have been awarded many times, including Reliable Company, Company of the Year or Polish Product certificates and medals, including the Meeting Planner portal. She also won the Business Tiger, Business Cheetah, Procon / Polzac Awards statuettes awarded by Marketing Departments and MP Power Awards in the Team-building category.

She combines the traveler’s curiosity and the athlete’s courage, passion and perseverance, thanks to which she finds herself perfectly in one of the most stressful industries in the world. She believes that you can move mountains with hard work. Despite many hardships, sleepless nights and demanding clients, she would not exchange her work for any other. Olga is passionate about travel and sport in every way – from skiing, snowboarding, bicycles and kites to diving and squash (she was the second Polish rocket in squash for 3 years, together with the team she won silver in the European Team Championships in 2006, in 2018 3rd place in the Polish Masters Championships). Collects inspirational and motivational quotes to always have the one you need at hand. “Belive the POWER and BEAUTY of Your DREAMS” – this is lately her favorite.

About company

„Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Dream as if you were to live forever”

Power Agency /later PowerSport/has particularly significant influence on the event and Incentive market as well as on the market connected with tours and workshops for individuals. Since 1997 we have been acquiring essential experience and know-how coordinating broadly defined sports and recreational undertakings. At university we organized group getaways and participated in the organization of all kinds of active integrations.

It’s not our work. It is our passion.

Ethics is what we bear in mind while acting both in professional and every-day life. We employ people who are devoted to our idea. This kind of approach has allowed us to build a stable image of Power company, which means a reliable and tested partner.

Power sp. z o .o. has been created thanks to our commitment and determination. Despite the fact that the company lacks outside know-how and despite the fact that there is a strong competition within this field, it has been developing dynamically and acquiring references from leading and well-known companies.

Power is part of SBE – Association of Events Line, SOIT – Poland Incentive Association, SKKP -Conference Association and site international incentive association.

We were awarded with Polish Product Certificate, we brought us also the award of the Meeting Planner in the category Event/Service of the Year. We became the winners of Polish Internet in category “Entertainment and Recreation”. We won as Polish Product and Solidna Firma.

Power Sp. z o.o. is registered as organizers and tourist subcontractors of Mazowieckie province no 1279.

Company details

ul. Kowalczyka 1 lok. 31
03-193 Warszawa, Polska

Contact details

Tel: +48 22 224 59 83
E-mail: power@agencjapower.pl
WWW: agencjapower.pl

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