SITE Poland creates the Incentive Travel Committee

October 3 this year at the Leonardo Royal Hotel Warsaw at ul. Grzybowska 45 in Warsaw, a SITE Poland meeting was held devoted to the creation of the Incentive Travel Committee The main idea of ​​SITE Poland guiding the creation of PITCH (Polish Incentive Travel Central Hub) is the integration of the environment of professionals from the MICE industry operating on the local and foreign market with the support of the Incentive Travel Commission. The goals of the Committee  are – to establish contacts, discuss current and important industry topics and cooperation between individual market entities.

The following committees were established:

Subcommittee on cooperation with hotels and hotel chains, operating on the hotel – DMC line and hotel chains – incentive agencies

Subcommittee on cooperation with airlines, operating on the incentive agency – airline

Subcommittee on international cooperation

Subcommittee on business development, which will accumulate the results of work of all emerging subcommittees

The meeting outside the board of SITE Poland, and members of the association, were attended by representatives of LOT and Air France, who declared to participate in the work of the subcommittee on cooperation with airlines.

The effect of the work of the Commission is to improve cooperation in the abovementioned sectors and joint development of desirable industry standards.

SITE Poland would like to invite further representatives of airlines as well as hotels and hotel chains to this cooperation. If you are interested in the commission’s work

The organizers of the meeting would like to thank Leonardo Royal Hotel Warsaw for their hospitality and professional service.

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